Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Passage to Honolulu

Thursday 14 June 2012, Lat:  09d 59m South, Long: 146d 32m West, 606 NM sourth of the equator
Starboard tack,  beam reach with 1 reef, heading 005T at 8.0 kts, en route to Honolulu
Cabin Temperature: 87 deg F, Humidity:  75%

It's hot and humid and the boat is all closed up to keep the saltwater out.  We all sleep with fans pointed at us.  Temperatures on deck are much more comfortable, but salt spray is included at no extra charge.

Miraculously, there have been no leaks.  I gooped up the leaky chainplate and Mark applied Gorilla tape around the mast, and so far the pointy end of the boat has stayed dry.

The wind came up above 20 knots in the night and I put in a reef.  The wind is expected to continue about the same for another day and a half, then go light.  It will be slow going across the ITCZ, which will be 600 NM across at the time we arrive there.  We don't carry enough fuel to motor that far, so we'll have a speed threshold for starting the engine.

We're sailing towards Jimmy Cornell's recommended waypoint for this passage at 00N, 145W, and so far have had no difficulty staying pointed in the right direction, sailing just a little high to offset the west setting current.

So far, the hand fishing line we've been trailing for the past two days has yet to catch a fish.  In spite of the serious fish shortage, Mark has stayed busy in the galley and kept us all well fed.

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