Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost There

Wednesday 9 May 2012 Lat 26 00 S Long 147 23 W, 130 miles S of Raivavae 191 miles Nw of Rapa, and 500 miles SSE of Tahiti
-Course 350 deg Wind SSE 15 kts Boatspeed 5-6 kts Sunny, balmy, and stinky, little flying fish on the deck.

We jibed! It's a novelty to be heeling the other way after 2 1/2 weeks on port board. Although, beam reaching the boat averages somewhat flatter.
The wind waves are down, but we still have a big, long SW swell, from gales far far away. So the boat rocks as the swells pass under us.
The windspeed varies somewhat, so the watch has to more actively sail the boat, vs just setting the windvane and ignoring it for days at a time.
We finally put out a fishing line. Up to now, no one wanted to deal with a big, angry, slippery fish while the boat was pounding to weather.

Iit's a bit cool yet for shorts and T shirts, but at least we don't need our foulies and boots at night anymore. Yay!
Mark even put away his winter wardrobe and got out his summer whites and loud shorts.

Landfall tomorrow, really, for sure. We're looking forward to getting fresh fruit, baguettes and maybe even fresh eggs.

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