Sunday, May 6, 2012

We're still here

Sunday 5 May 2012 Lat 32 24.6 S Long 146 08 W 300 miles SSE of Rapa, 530 miles S of Raivavae and 1,000 miles south of Tahiti (What the heck are we doing here anyway?) If we're not careful, we'll end up at Pitcairn Is in another week.
-Course 30 deg Wind N 27 kts Boatspeed 3.8kts

When we changed our landfall to Rapa, we had hoped to arrive today. It seems we're always 3 days away.
Being Sunday, we listened to an Aretha Franklin and Mavis Staples gospel CD. I don't think the spirit moved anybody more than we were already bouncing around. Bill is still fighting motion-sickness, believe it or not.

The breeze came back up and since yesterday afternoon, we've been sailing slowly eastward waiting for a low to pass over us. It was a pretty bumpy and boisterous night. It's hard to sleep as the waves toss us around. This morning, a wave tossed Mark holding a milk carton across the cabin to the nav station. Fortunately, Bill was there to break the fall and mop up some milk. Every move in the galley has to choreographed around the pitching and tossing motion of the boat. The stove's on gimbals and is always moving. The sink is the only safe place to set anything down.

When the wind lightens, then maybe we can tack. Lord knows what'll come tumbling down inside the boat as we tip to the left after 2 weeks tipped to the right.

For those of you waiting for email from us: sailmail is really difficult and slow down here. So bear with us. We'll respond when we can.

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