Friday, May 4, 2012

Still on port tack...

Thursday 3 May 2012 Lat 33 51 S Long 152 26W -Course 55 deg Wind N 17-25 kts Boatspeed 7kts Landfall is now planned at Rapa, French Polynesia. We hope to arrive in a few days. It's quite remote with a small population and no encircling reef like Raivavae.

We can't seem to make much northward progress and we're still on port tack. We manage to keep just ahead of a succession of lows dropping down from the north. Tacking onto starboard would put us in high winds. We did slow the boat down to 3.5 kts overnight in 22-27kts and really lumpy seas. Waves were frequently washing over us. That has lessened.

Things have smoothed out today and winds have moderated for awhile.

Temperatures continue to warm into the 70s. But, the boat is pretty damp inside.

boring boring boring.....

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