Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movin' Right Along

Tuesday 8 May 2012 Lat 27 60S Long 146 23 W, 250 miles S of Raivavae 110 miles ESE of Rapa, and 630 miles SSE of Tahiti
-Course 310 deg Wind W 20 kts Boatspeed 8.5 kts Sunny, balmy, no flying fish yet

Things are finally as they should be, almost. We've been able to dry out most of the wet stuff on the boat, except the carpet. Yuk.
We're reaching along in the trades, except westerly instead of the normal southeasterlies, but we're not complaining..
The wind went a little light in the night, so we motored a bit on Bill's watch. But the wind came back up in the morning and off we go.
Hopefully, the wind will keep up. We don't expect find diesel in Raivavae, so our fuel needs to last until Tahiti.

We listened to more Jimmy Buffett and Eileen Quinn today and we're studying our French Polynesian fish guide.

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